Wednesday, January 3, 2024

January Organizing

de Gournay

Once I take my Christmas decorations down this coming weekend, I am looking forward to some January organizing at CCC.

A favorite project (since I am obsessed with china), is cleaning out my china cabinets. 

Here are some tips - 

*Take everything out of the cabinet and clean all the shelves. 

*Make sure all china is pristine - wash or dust as required. 

*Make sure to use a plate protector between each piece. They prevent scratches and chips and cushion the dishes. These are my favorite on the market - light blue, scalloped, a set of 48, and soft flannel - 

Hagerty Fine China Separators

Hagerty Fine China Separators

*Do not hang teacups by the handles. It puts stress on the handles.

*Don't stack dishes too high as it puts too much weight on lower pieces - I try to limit stacks to no more than 6 or 8. And rotate dishes every few months so the same pieces are not on the bottom with all the weight.

*I like to style my cabinets - great inspiration in the picture at top. My pretty Estelle colored glassware works great for this. 

Estelle Colored Glass

*This is also a great opportunity to use wallpaper - peel and stick or perhaps expensive paper that would cost too much to do an entire room. 

This iconic chinoiserie Scalamandre wallpaper pattern is $20 a roll and peel and stick!

Scalamandre Chi'En Dragon in Aqua

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