Sunday, November 12, 2023

Red, White, & Blue for the Holidays

Saatchi Art

This display of red flowers in blue and white Chinese porcelain ginger jars and vases is wonderful inspiration for the holidays. I am not personally a fan of floral bouquets with mixed flowers and colors. I love using one color for maximum impact and drama - this is a stunning example.

My favorite is using lots of red roses all over my house for the holidays in blue and white ginger jars. Red carnations are also wonderful and so long lasting.

Here Charlotte Moss uses antique a.k.a heirloom red roses with Christmas greenery - 

Charlotte Moss

And Carolyne Roehm -

Carolyne Roehm

Carolyne Roehm

One of the best books on decorating with blue and white is Carolyne Roehm's A Passion for Blue and White and it would make a wonderful Christmas gift. This book is out of print and belongs in the library of every lover of blue and white.

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