Sunday, October 1, 2023

Monkey Business


I found this monkey at HomeGoods about a year ago. After I posted on it, I found out that my daughter has the same one from HomeGoods in gold and white.

When I was in HomeGoods yesterday, I found a second blue and white one! That's one thing I have learned about HomeGoods and it has happened to me so many times. Things that you passed on and regret it, or would like a second one for a pair often appear down the road, sometimes even years down the road. I love pairs and symmetry, so I am delighted to have found another one of these darling monkeys. I searched it and only found a shop selling it in South Africa - click here. Interesting.

Have a great Sunday! 


  1. OMG! I need! Are they online?

  2. He's so freaking cute love your monkey!

  3. So very true! Have you been to Home Sense in Sarasota? I snagged an adorable blue and white lamp for the counter in my laundry room. It’s so cozy I leave it on until bedtime!

  4. I found a blue and white monkey at Homegoods today! Yay!!