Saturday, September 30, 2023

Palm Tree Chinese Garden Stools

Danielle Rollins

This is the front entrance of the Palm Beach home of Danielle Rollins and Tom D'Agostino. I am crazy about the blue and white Chinese garden stools with palm trees. I would love to find a pair of these for CCC.

I found this pink beauty that sold several years ago at auction.

Vintage Pink Chinese Garden Stool

These are very pretty too with palm trees and parrots, but I really want blue and white.

Vintage Parrot and Palm Tree Garden Stools

It's interesting that these are so hard to find, because palm trees are quite easy to find depicted in chinoiserie wallpaper. Coastal and beach decor and Palm Beach style are so popular, I think blue and white Chinese garden stools with palm trees would sell very well. Meanwhile, I'll keep hunting.

Have a wonderful weekend. I have an Octoberfest event tomorrow and I love German food. I am bringing red cabbage with apples.


  1. Love that pink garden stool! I've never seen a pink one!

  2. Every time I see beautiful pictures of some interior designer's home, I suffer from a serious case of house envy. It''s the same with beautiful gardens. I experience a serious case of garden envy.

    Who doesn't love blue and white - in any form. It's a classic, but I love your pink garden stool, Beth. I tend towards vintage and older decor that has a patina and looks unique.

    I have a German friend who is visiting Austria and Germany right now celebrating Octoberfest.

  3. I bought a pair of blue and white garden stools from Amazon to put outside my front door after seeing the large blue and white urns outside of designer Edith Anne Duncan’s home a few years ago. You have to be careful because some Amazon garden stools are not true white and sometimes the blue is too garish. I got lucky and found some that were just right. You can see Edith Ann’s front door on her Instagram page. Really pretty.