Friday, August 18, 2023

Decorating the Stairwell

Amanda Lindroth

This is quite a dramatic stairwell - a collection of shells, sponges, and coral is displayed alongside blue and white Chinese porcelain. This is a wonderful way to combine a beachy island vibe with chinoiserie. I must admit, I don't recall seeing sea sponges displayed except in a bathroom. I of course love the Chinese lantern.

I don't have a stairwell for the very first time. CCC, like many Florida homes is all one level and I love it. Having lived in Alexandria, Virginia for many years, the vast majority of homes had three and even four levels. If I never see snow or stairs again, I would be just fine with that. You need not have a stairwell for  a display like this, but it does add drama having a high ceiling.

My favorite display brackets are these by Suzanne Kasler. They are available in 2 sizes and 3 colors and are even on sale!. A pair looks great flanking a doorway, large piece of art, or fireplace.

Suzanne Kasler Jacque Bracket



  1. As gorgeous as that stairwell is, I can't help but wonder about cleaning it.

  2. This is such an interesting treatment for a staircase, as opposed to a number of framed images/photos/artwork. These display brackets look like a safe home for delicate porcelains. Also, I've searched your blog for information on chinoiserie furniture/wall stencils. Have i missed it? Thanks, and thanks for your wonderful blogs!

  3. The architecture of this stairwell is beautiful.

    (My life the last week or so has been very chaotic, so I'm enjoying catching up on some of your recent posts, Beth.)