Monday, July 10, 2023

Wicker Flamingos

Vintage Wicker Flamingo - 1stDibs

I have seen online a few vintage wicker flamingos and I would love one for CCC. But the prices are very high.

This one is $2,400 here. But I have found two great alternatives at much better prices.

I love this one at Amanda Lindroth. I have her wicker pineapple and pagodas and the quality is wonderful. This flamingo is darling.

Amanda Lindroth Rattan Flamingo

"Our good luck flamingo reminds us of our favorite tropical spots, no matter what the weather is like. His textured plumage is beautifully hand woven of natural rattan over a sturdy, powder-coated iron wire frame, so every graceful curve stands out proudly. Amanda loves her Rattan Flamingos paired beside a console or tucked into the entry hall to let lucky guests know they’re in for a fine island time."

I have found another one too. This pink wicker flamingo is 22" tall and very well priced.

Wicker Flamingo

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  1. $2,400.00?! Holy guacamole! I just love your wicker stories, Beth. I actually like Amanda's flamingo better.