Monday, July 31, 2023

Sourcing Ginger Jars

Green and White Jasper Ginger Jar

I love ginger jars and have them everywhere at CCC. I use them as decorative objects of course, but they are also my favorite vases for fresh flowers sans lids.

HomeGoods online is a great source for ginger jars. Their prices are great - these are sold on other websites at much higher prices. Shipping is free with code SHIP119 for orders of $119 or more. Here are some wonderful choices - 

22" Green and White Jasper Ginger Jar

26" Blue and White Ginger Jar

26" Black and White Ginger Jar

18" Blue and White Ginger Jar

19" Blue and Brown Patterned Ginger Jar

25" White Pierced Ginger Jar

13" White Pierced Ginger Jar

19.5" Yellow Greek Key Ginger Jar

17" Swirl Pattern Ginger Jar


  1. You are so correct, HG is a wonderful resource for ginger jars! On an unrelated subject I wanted to let you know that they are practically giving away the enamel bamboo jewelry at Talbots online right now, if you want to check it out Beth.

  2. Hi! Love green and white ginger jar's. They are hard to find. Z Gallery used to carry all kind's, sorry they are no longer. Love your post's, thank you!

  3. A lovely selection, Beth. Love the black and white, and green and white. But all are beautiful.