Sunday, July 30, 2023

My Car Turns One

My Audi

My car is about to turn one! I can't believe how this year has flown by. I will be taking it in this week for its first maintenance. I'm so glad I listened to all of you and got a white car - so perfect for Florida.

I take very good care of my car. I cancelled my unlimited automatic car wash and I hand wash it every week. These are my go-to products I love for my car.

I had always seen the California car duster advertised, but I bought one and absolutely love it. It easily lifts off dust without scratching. It is perfect for in between car washes. I love this model with the wooden handle. These last forever - in reviews people have ones decades old, and they get off road dust, garage dust, and the like safely and easily. 

California Car Duster

I love my home smelling wonderful, so of course I want my car to smell great too. I love these British car fragrances, Max Benjamin. They are very attractive, attach easily to an AC vent, last for months, and smell amazing. They are hard to find, so I stock up. The scents are very unisex - not girly at all. These are two favorite scents.

This one is very Coastal - 

Max Benjamin Luxury Car Fragrance in Blue Azure

This one is Chinoiserie Chic!

Max Benjamin Luxury Car Fragrance in Lemongrass and Ginger

You all know I love my ChappyWrap blankets - I have this mini one for my pup Harper for the car - it protects the leather seats from scratches and dog hair, and it is soft and cozy for her -

ChappyWrap Hugs and Kisses Mini Blanket

This Absorber car chamois is ideal for drying the car. It is synthetic, so you just toss it in the wash. So absorbent and makes drying your car fast and easy.

Absorber Synthetic Chamois

I bought an L.L.Bean Boat & Tote in large to leave in the car - perfect for errands - dry cleaners, Aldi, farmers markets, and such (or just to organize miscellaneous things you keep in your car). It is very popular to personalize them with humorous words instead of monograms.

L.L.Bean Boat & Tote

This little cordless car vacuum works great and it's small, sleek, USB chargeable, and lightweight -

Bissell Cordless Handheld Vacuum

Enjoy your Sunday. I spent way too much time in the heat yesterday supervising the gardeners and I'm chilling out today!


  1. Wonderful post,Beth. Thank you so much for the tips & suggestions.

  2. Thank you, Beth for this wonderful post.