Friday, February 3, 2023

Blue and White @ CCC


I use lots of blue and white at CCC and have several rooms that are all blue and white. But I am not a big fan of houses that are entirely blue and white - I think it gets a little redundant. And I love pink and coral and green so much and they work so well in Florida. But I do have some blue and white in every room, especially blue and white Chinese porcelain. This space above, originally designed as the dining room, is a favorite of mine and the blue and white zebra skirted table is a new addition. 

I also just added two new blue and white pieces to my wardrobe that I love and wanted to share. I bought this washable silk slip dress in Navy and in Champagne. It can be worn as a dress, as a nightgown or as a slip. It is perfect for under caftans or dresses that are a bit sheer. 

The Mulberry silk is very luxe. It comes in several colors. The straps are adjustable. The cut is very flattering. Shipping and returns are free. And it is machine washable. I wash these and all my silk pillowcases inside out in a garment bag in cold water on the delicate/gentle cycle. And the price is amazing.

100% Washable Silk Slip Dress in Navy

100% Washable Silk Dress in Champagne

Their silk pillowcases are wonderful and I have several pairs. I sleep on silk every single night. They preserve your blow dry, prevent bedhead, and prevent wrinkles to your skin. Check them out here.


  1. Ooh, pretty! The zebra tablecloth makes such a strong statement!! <3

  2. Love the blue and white skirted table. Alas, Beth, I cannot do silk - it's beautiful, but is just too hot for me!