Saturday, February 4, 2023

Soft Greens

(Re)work Architecture & Design

Although I love my kitchen and have no current plans to redo it, this gorgeous kitchen is definitely going in my files for down the road. I would call this color celadon although it could also be called a pale pistachio or a soft mint. I find it so calming. It would be stunning at CCC with my aquarium window looking out onto palm trees and preserves. 

This color is also amazing with blue and white Chinese porcelain. 

Here is more inspiration with soft greens and chinoiserie.

Jenny Keenan - Coastal Living


Amanda Lindroth - House Beautiful

Ware M. Porter

One of my favorite soft green paint colors that I have used in quite a few rooms is Benjamin Moore's Icy Morn.

Benjamin Moore Icy Morn #457

And I love celadon Chinese porcelain.

Celadon Ginger Jar

Celadon Fishbowl

Stay warm this weekend if you are affected by this polar vortex.

This is why people live in Florida - the high seventies here this weekend. Enjoy your weekend. I have a wine tasting/dinner party tonight and a dinner party tomorrow night. 

Venice Pier


  1. I’m a fan of celadon and lighter greens too. Do you remember in the 90s when Restoration Hardware had a green paint? We used it in our dining room in Arizona and it was lovely! Trying to remember the name…silver sage comes to mind.
    RH has changed quite a bit since those days!

  2. That first photo of the kitchen with pale green tile is a showstopper. I've sent your blog post to a friend who is remodeling her kitchen and loves pale green.

  3. I'm weak! That kitchen is fabulous. I was green before I was blue. Imagine blue & white with this green! 💚 Have fun at your dinner parties -- what are you wearing, blue or coral??

  4. That is a gorgeous kitchen, and I love that shade of green. Recently I've been paying more attention to more subtle calming colors, especially softer shades of greens. I find that the shades of greens in nature really have a positive impact on my well being. I love color, but have found that living within a palette of calm colors works best for me. This is a really pretty post. Thanks Beth!

  5. I thought I'd decided on my entire renovation colour palate. And then I saw this post. Oh my God that green is beautiful! I think my powder room just changed colours.