Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Chanelling Chanel

The Square in Midnight Tweed

Unless you are brand new to Chinoiserie Chic, you know that I am a huge fan of Rothy's flats - they are chic, stylish, incredibly comfortable, eco-friendly, and machine washable. 

They have come out with two new styles that I love - with their cap toes, tweed, and color palette of black and white and a pink interior - they remind me a lot of Chanel flats stylewise, but cost effective and low maintenance. These are wonderful for the holidays - a touch of metallic thread adds a hint of sparkle.

If you are new to Rothy's, click here for my code for $20 off your first purchase. (And enjoy free shipping and extended free holiday returns). Click on the captions to link.

The Square in Midnight Tweed

The Point in Moonlight Tweed

These tweeds are also available in matching handbags.

Wristlet in Midnight Tweed

These are not Rothy's, but they are fabulous tweed headbands for the holidays.

Plaid Tweed Bow Headband in Black

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