Thursday, October 13, 2022


Tory Burch NYC Offices - Architectural Digest

Tory Burch loves needlepoint and often includes pieces in her collections. Several years ago she did a wonderful collection of needlepoint pillows. Tory's father loved to needlepoint and taught her.

Tory Burch Needlepoint Pillows

These two needlepoint pillows are still in her collection.

Monkey See Monkey Do Needlepoint Pillow

Nobody Likes Needlepoint Pillow

She has a few other stunning heirloom quality needlepoint items in her current collection I wanted to share. All are on sale right now.

Needlepoint Smoking Slippers

Bird Needlepoint Card Pocket

I am ordering one of these pockets for my new iPhone. It attaches with adhesive to your phone case and holds credit cards. I had a Kate Spade card pocket for my old phone and loved it and have been looking for a new one.

Tory Burch has dozens of gorgeous pieces in her fall sale - check them all out here. Complimentary shipping and returns.


  1. Some years ago, I spent a lot of my leisure time doing needlepoint and still enjoy the pieces I made. I'm glad to see it regaining just a tiny bit of popularity as I feared it was totally out of fashion (and considered Mumsy) for quite a long time now. I've made many needlepoint Christmas Tree ornaments and Christmas stockings for family members which we enjoy. The card pocket from Tory Burch is an interesting idea.

    1. Needlepoint is wonderful and definitely making a comeback.

  2. My father’s retirement hobby was needlepointing and included refined petit point work. He would get these kits from Germany of old master paintings translated to needlepoint and sone of the projects took over a year to complete. I’m proud to have many of the pieces on display in my home.

  3. I Love when a Fashion Showroom looks like your Home! Best Al
    When you become a New York Fashion Designer your Showroom becomes your 2nd Home! ALNORAL 530 7th Avenue. 1st Home NYC Apt. 3rd Home is the Atlantic Ocean House 1989-2003. Then retire and live in Long Island.

  4. I love needlepoint. I have a chinoiserie monkey pillow that was my mom's and an English Bulldog pillow. Are there other recommendations for where to get pillows and ornaments? Thanks.

    1. Ornaments are hard to find except in kit form. I tend to like the modern cheekier needlepoint pillows - like at Furbish.