Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Christmas Tree Collar High/Low

Beachcomber Tree Collar


I am starting to plan my Christmas decorating here at CCC. Tree collars for the Christmas tree have become very popular, eclipsing the traditional tree skirt. I definitely prefer them. Both of course are designed to cover the ugly tree stand. Fabric tree skirts tend to be magnets for dust bunnies and pet hair and are always getting out of position and wrinkled. They also pose a tripping hazard. Tree collars always look good and are zero maintenance. They are a modern choice, and in natural materials like wicker or sea grass, lend a beachy vibe that I love.

I love the Pottery Barn Beachcomber version, based on their very popular Beachcomber baskets. Made from sea grass, it is a great choice. It is priced at $129 plus shipping.

Beachcomber Tree Collar

This very similar sea grass tree collar is $43.19 with free shipping when you use code SAVENOW.

Water Hyacinth Tree Collar

I plan to order the second one for my tree. I am quite excited about my Christmas tree - it is going to be "Palm Beach Chinoiserie." I scheduled the roofer and the gutter people yesterday, and when they finish I am having the exterior painted as we will be in the dry season. Now that I have finished scheduling hurricane contractors, I can return to my Christmas planning. 


  1. Should there be a link for the second tree collar? Thanks!!

  2. Balsam Hill has some BEAUTIFUL TREE COLLARS!!! Worth checking out!
    Susan Mozaffari

  3. Where did you find the great sea inspired ornaments in today's blog photo? So great!

  4. Did your painter recover from his bout with covid? I certainly hope so. We have a tree collar like the ones you show, and I just love it! Perfect for a beachy/coastal themed tree.

    1. Long Covid unfortunately. I am getting a bid tomorrow from someone else.