Saturday, August 13, 2022

Foliage Arched Mirror High/Low

Furlow's Folly

I posted this beautiful vignette a couple of weeks ago with pieces from the collection of Furlow Gatewood and John Rosselli including decorative painted hall chairs, pedestals, tables, consoles, and jardinières.

The mirror is their Peacock Palm Mirror featuring feathery fronds and it retails for $5,400. It is hand carved in a celadon finish.

I found this mirror at Anthropologie that is quite similar. The Foglia Arched Mirror is hand carved as well and also features feathery fronds and sells for $598. It has a white finish. Click on the captions to link.

Foglia Arched Mirror

I think it's quite beautiful at a small fraction of the price. This lighter finish would work better in my home and for anyone going for that "light and bright" look.

This pagoda would be perfect and is very well priced as well.

5 Tier White Pagoda

Or this one - it's on sale.

Blue and White Pagoda

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Beth have a Very Happy Weekend! To-night is the Southampton Showhouse
    Cocktails and the money $$$ go to Southampton Hospital, all the BEST, Al

    1. Oh how fun! I love the Hampton Designer Showhouse.

  2. Love the mirror! Thank you for sharing.

  3. Furlow's home is nothing short of enchanting, in my opinion. The Anthropolgie mirror is a great find. The Frontgate pagoda is beautiful, but apparently received mixed reviews from customers who purchased it.

    1. I have explained this before, but will again. Frontgate has misnamed it a tulipiere - a tulipiere is used for flowers and has openings and reservoirs for water. This does not - it is a pagoda. I have alerted customer service and they have never changed the name. People buy it thinking it is a tulipiere and it is a pagoda - as I called it in my caption. The reviews have complained about this - hence the mixed reviews if you read them. It is a gorgeous piece - I have purchased it for clients wanting a PAGODA!