Sunday, August 14, 2022

Fashion Photography

Charlotte Moss

The framed photo is from Vogue 1959 by famed photographer Louise Dahl-Wolfe. It features models on the beach at the Dorado Hotel in Puerto Rico and is entitled - "Models on the Beach." LOL.

Louise Dahl-Wolfe, the inventor of "environmental fashion photography" depicted women in new contexts, taking fashion photography to a new level. To this day, her work continues to inspire many photographers. 

"Environmental fashion photography" photographed the models in an environment outside of the fashion house's premises. Outdoor shots became her trademark, and exotic destinations such as South America, Cuba, Africa and Morocco were among the locations she explored. Her husband, Meyer Wolfe, was a sculptor and often created the backdrops and objects for her photographs.

Here it is in Danielle Rollins' dressing room in her former Atlanta home.

Danielle Rollins

And in my home  - 



I love how the Chinese paper parasols add a chinoiserie touch. And note that they are sitting on a wicker trunk.

Framed photography adds a modern touch to your home, but also a vintage vibe with classic photographs like this one that is over sixty years old!


  1. I love how you point things out for us to notice (the wicker trunk, which I didn't really see until you pointed it out!). Love this artwork.

  2. I like the frame you chose. Elegant.

  3. I also have that print in my home- it adds so much beautiful color. Beth, have you visited Bon Bon Vintage yet? I think you’ll like it.

  4. Your Home is a Beautiful Real Home, Al