Monday, August 22, 2022

Christmas in August

Blue and White Chinoiserie Canton Christmas Tree

When I lived in the DC area, I loved shopping at Neiman Marcus - my daughter Kate worked for NM for many years. I always thought it was crazy that their Christmas shop opened in August. Well here I am, posting on Christmas in August. But there is method to my madness. 

This wonderful blue and white Chinese porcelain Canton Christmas tree was available last year and sold out everywhere before I had the chance to grab one. There are so many places to use this darling little chinoiserie tree - 

*A pair on a fireplace mantel

*As a dining table centerpiece

*A pair on a dining room sideboard

*On the kitchen island or a kitchen counter

*In a bedroom on a dresser or nightstand

*A lovely gift for an older family member who no longer puts up a big Christmas tree or someone who has downsized to an apartment or condo

*It would be so cute nestled into a grouping of blue and white Chinese porcelain

So here it is restocked if you'd like to grab one before it sells out again.

Blue and White Canton Chinoiserie Christmas Tree

Also available in a red and white version - 

Red and White Chinoiserie Christmas Tree

You might think that Floridians don't decorate as much for Christmas, but Florida actually ranks 15th in surveys of the states with the most Christmas decorations. Ohio ranks number one. But not surprisingly, 65% of people nationwide prefer artificial trees. Within weeks, HomeGoods, Home Depot, and Lowe's will be putting out Christmas things, so I am not that early - LOL.


  1. I purchased the Blue White Canton Christmas Tree last year and used it in one of my Blue/White bathrooms. Plan to purchase more :) LOVE it !

  2. I live in Alabama for 3 years (which I did Not Like), but Christmas in July was a Very Big Deal, the BEST, Al

  3. I LOVE Neiman Marcus DC it was a GREAT Trunk-Show store for ALNORAL in Designer Dresses! Everyone was so NICE, Staff & Cleints. Big $$$$$

  4. Just ordered the blue tree. Delivery in September. Can't wait to see it!