Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Breakfast in Bed

Charlotte Moss

Charlotte Moss posted this wonderful " breakfast in bed," and I'm not sure if I am more obsessed with the vintage wicker breakfast tray or the silver teapot with bamboo handle.

I found a really beautiful breakfast tray that reminds me of this.

Margaret of York via Serena & Lily

Margaret of York via Serena & Lily

And it is on sale - 

Oliana Tray

"Our take on a Paris flea market find from the 50s, this calls for breakfast in bed (and can even work as a makeshift desk, in a pinch). The frame is light yet sturdy in hand-bent rattan. The tray’s surface features rattan in an intricate chevron pattern. A beautiful piece of handmade artistry, the woven design for each tray can take over a day to complete."

Click here to see the entire Dining Sale @ Serena & Lily ending at midnight tonight.

And some lovely teapot choices with chinoiserie flair - 

Famille Rose Teapot

Famille Rose Teacups and Saucers

Famille Rose Cream and Sugar Set

This teapot is hand-blown glass with a stainless steel infuser and a bamboo handle, trivet, and tea scoop.

Glass Zen Teapot


  1. just Like Breakfast at Tiffanys, Al

  2. I am obsessed with the silver teapot with the bamboo handle. Beautiful.

  3. I love that silver tea pot! That bed with the breakfast tray is just divine, as is the Famille Rose porcelain. I am eternally grateful to the English for inventing afternoon tea. It's one of their many great inventions. I don't know who ever invented the concept of breakfast in bed. Perhaps it was once reserved for grand ladies and gentlemen with servants. Another wonderful idea. What a fun post, Beth.

    1. Yes, it started with affluent married women with servants who would have breakfast in bed served while their husbands would have breakfast in the drawing room.