Friday, July 22, 2022

The Blue and White Dining Room

Phoebe Howard

This blue and white dining room is so pretty and so achievable. I love the striped rug - I would use a polypropylene indoor/outdoor rug so there is no worry about spills. I have two Annie Selke Dash & Albert ones and love that they can be hosed down outside to clean. They are indestructible.

Here is a great example, but there are so many at Dash & Albert. Click on the captions to link.

Seed Stitch Stripe Indoor/Outdoor Rug

The pair of palms in the chunky baskets are wonderful. I highly recommend this basket from World Market and it is very well priced. It comes in two sizes. Majestic Palms are a great choice for indoors as they are shade tolerant and slow growers and easily found at places like Lowe's and Home Depot. Just keep it moist to keep it happy.

Natural Hyacinth Braided Leila Tote

I would also raise the palms a bit and top with lots of preserved moss like this.

Ralph Lauren

I have these Two's Company pagodas on my dining table and love them. They are quite dramatic.

Set of Three White Pagodas

I like the set of framed watercolors and several smaller pieces are often more cost effective than one very large one. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. Stay cool!


  1. Beth ~ do you use all 3 on your dining table. How do you arrange them? Thanks!

    1. It depends on how many people I have at the table - sometimes I use two like in the picture here or I may use three pushed to one side if no-one is seated on that side.