Monday, June 20, 2022

The Devil is in the Details

Flexible and Expandable Blue Garden Hose

With my garden project completed, I of course have new plants and sod to keep watered as they settle in. That means watering by hand in addition to the irrigation system.

I wanted to highly recommend a garden hose I have on all of my garden spigots. First, it's blue! The fittings are all solid brass. It is available in 25', 50', 75', or 100'. I like the 50', but that's a matter of preference. It is kink free, expandable, and collapsible. 3 times extension in length, easy to operate and store, only 2.7 LBS, it’s incredibly lightweight, flexible, collapsible and functional. It starts out 17 feet and expands to 50 feet under 0.5Mpa water pressure, but returns in seconds to 17 feet after the water is out. Never kinks, twists or tangles. It has an 8 function spray nozzle.

I leave mine out 24/7 and just coil them under the spigots when not in use. This is Danielle Rollins' navy rope coil on their yacht, but it gives me serious coil envy.

Danielle Rollins

I can't stand any visual miscues in the garden - ugly rubber hoses hanging on the spigots or even worse - a huge rubber hose on a hose reel in my garden! BTW, in the past I have purchased those coil style hoses and always had problems with them tangling or leaking. This one is also great for washing the car, the boat, or pets. It's also available in green.

These are elegant and highly functional. The navy blue is understated and works beautifully with all my blue and white Chinese porcelain garden stools and fish bowls and ginger jars that I have in my garden.

Here is the link - click on the caption.

The Fitlife Flexible and Expandable Garden Hose


  1. How did you know I need to replace my hose? Great find!

  2. I have this in blue and green and can attest to everything you have said about it. Finally, I hose I don't have to wrestle with!