Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Chinese Chippendale Planters

Jonathan Adler

I love the pair of fiddle leaf figs in the orange boxes. So fun. I love plants in containers and am always on the lookout for planters. I found some Chinese Chippendale planters in white, orange, and black that are for use indoors or outside. They can be used with potted plants and also come with an optional insert so you can plant flowers directly in the planter.

These are great for annuals, tropicals, topiaries, or house plants and would also be perfect for faux plants. Made of polypropylene, these are maintenance free.

Chinese Chippendale Planters

Terra Cotta Color Chinese Chippendale Planter

White Chinese Chippendale Planter

The black version is a different vendor and does not have the optional insert to plant directly in the planter. I think most people would use these for potted plants anyway. The black is priced here as a pair, but can be bought singly.

Black Chinese Chippendale Planters


  1. I love potted plants and trees - inside and out. I still can't get over those gorgeous Aimee standard gardenias...sigh.

  2. Beth you’ve done it again! I ADORE these pots in Orange (my accent color)! They’re fab! Thanks for the info and links!! Now I have to check out the totes.