Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Straw Bags & Summer Flowers

Ashley McCormick - Cottages & Gardens

Here is a fun idea for summer - use straw beach bags/totes as containers for summer flowers - preferably real ones! For the hydrangeas one could use a potted plant or cut hydrangeas in a vase. Use a plastic garbage bag as a liner for the bottom for any drips. The bench cushion is Quadrille's Petite Zig Zag. Straw bags are so summery and multi-functional - I use one every day as a handbag because I love a big bag. 

Here are some ideas for the bags. Click on the captions to link.

Fringe Top Tote

Fringe Top Tote

Pom Pom Straw Beach Tote

Ribbon Straw Beach Tote

Palm Leaf Tote

Bamboo Straw Fringe Beach Bag

Oversized Ribbon Straw Beach Bag

Sea You Later Beach Tote

Sunday Straw Beach Tote

Oversized Straw Beach Bag

Hand Painted Straw Beach Bag

Woven Raffia Tote with Braided Leather Handle


  1. I love straw bags, (and wide brimmed straw hats), too, and almost always carry a large one. When I see women with tiny bags, I'm very impressed and wonder how they do it. They must contain all their necessities in their smart phone. I guess that makes me the older generation!

    1. How do you fit a makeup bag, hair brush, and sunglasses into a smart phone? LOL.