Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Chinoiserie Framed Family Photos

Amanda Lindroth

I am always on the lookout for pretty little picture frames for framing family photos (including fur baby photos).

Steve Cordony

Here are some great choices with Chinoiserie Chic style -  faux bamboo, rattan, wicker, and blue and white. Click on the captions to link.

Set of 2 Gold Faux Bamboo Frames

Set of 2 Natural Rattan Frames

Set of 2 Blue and White Bone Frames

Set of 2 Silver Faux Bamboo Frames

Set of 2 Blue Willow Frames

White Faux Bamboo Frame

Set of 2 Rattan with Faux Bamboo Border Frames

Set of 3 White Pagoda Frames

Silver Bamboo Picture Frames

ALERT - These Outdoor Parisian Folding Chairs in Navy and White have been out of stock forever and just restocked. Fabulous for a patio, outdoors, a balcony, extra seating, tailgating. These will sell out fast. I have them and love them. $27.50!!!!!! Free shipping on orders over $39.

Outdoor Parisian Folding Chair in Navy/White


  1. Don't believe they qualify as Chinoiserie, but my favorite frames are William Yeoward's shagreen. (However they are $$$!)

    1. They are very pretty but awfully pricey for silver plate.

  2. Two's Company has many fun and pretty things.

    1. I love their things - great prices and quality.

  3. Love them all. Twos Company has always had classic, tasteful, Chinoiserie stuff that sells out quickly. Makes me want to hoard.

  4. Al Spok Two's Company! She a very Smart Lady! is sells / fly's here in The Hamptons ! Beth you all report on the Greats Items !!

  5. Al Spok...... Steve Cordony has The Perfect GREEN !!!!!!!!!!!