Monday, May 23, 2022

My New Project

Palm Beach Home of Danielle Rollins & Tom D'Agostino

I've decided to turn my attention to a bit more landscaping. This time of year is great for planting in South Florida as the rainy season is starting and the rain helps the plants to settle in. I'll be focusing on the front of the property. The rainy season here equates to the chance of a late afternoon downpour.

At my entrance, I already have a beautiful pair of vintage blue and white Chinese garden stools flanking the double French doors. I know some people use a pair of ginger jars to flank the front door, but I prefer the stability of garden stools. I worry a bit about ginger jars getting knocked over. Garden stools are so much sturdier for outdoors - I have had mine outdoors for decades. 

I also love the idea of a pair of dwarf citrus trees - you can see a glimpse of a pair of orange trees in this pretty entrance above. I may switch out the Eugenia topiaries I have now in my pair of blue and white Chinese fishbowls for dwarf lemon or orange trees. Very Old Florida. It would be a mini version of my very own citrus grove.

Mary McDonald


Michelle Nussbaumer

Here are some blue and white Chinese garden stool ideas. A pair of these would be great for a beach house and the price is fantastic. Click on the captions to link.

Blue and White Koi Garden Stool

These next ones are bit more of a splurge, but very pretty.

Silla Twisted Flower Garden Stool

Blue and White Carved Dragon Garden Stool

Blue and White Kylin Garden Stools

My front yard has six very dramatic and gorgeous palm trees, but the shrubs are original to the house and too large and in need of replacement. I am focusing on ball shaped topiary Eugenia to mimic English boxwood and the very exotic Coontie palm (actually a cycad but commonly called a palm).

Eugenia Topiary


This is my inspiration photo - the Palm Beach home of interior designer Robin Weiss.

Robin Weiss - Traditional Home


  1. I have a pair of the blue and white kylin garden stool on my back yard next to my furniture. I really like them as they are more aesthetically pleasing than most blue and white reproduction stools. On another note, I miss the solid color stools. I was looking for a traditional bright red stool online but it seems like these colorful versions are not in production any more. Any thoughts on why?

    1. There are actually lots out there - are you looking on Wayfair, Overstock, etc.? I did a quick search and found many.

    2. Al Spok LOVE all The Blue & White !!

  2. Would you please share again where you got your giant clam shell? Thank you. Love your blog!

  3. I had a kumquat tree in an aqua pot by the front door in my prior place - the kumquats were so cute!