Saturday, May 7, 2022

Happy Derby Day

Furlow Gatewood

This is such a beautiful vignette combining two things I love - chinoiserie and horses.

If you don't have his book, you should get it.

One Man's Folly: The Exceptional Houses of Furlow Gatewood by Julia Reed

 Decorating with horses and horse related decor is so classic and timeless. I have a large blue and white ginger jar filled with vintage polo mallets. I took this picture at least ten years ago at Polo at Tysons Galleria in NOVA. It was my inspiration.

Ralph Lauren

If you are making a mint julep today, here is a great recipe.

Town and Country

The Classic Mint Julep


1.3 oz Bulleit Bourbon (or bourbon of your choice)

.75 oz simple syrup or a teaspoon sugar

4 mint leaves and a sprig of mint (use tender, young sprigs, which last longer and look better)


Prepare some very cold very dry crushed ice. "Bruise" the mint leaves in the bottom of a julep cup with sugar syrup. Add ice to the three quarter mark and half of the bourbon. Stir to chill the julep cup. Top off with more powdered ice and the remaining bourbon and continue to stir until the outside of the cup begins to freeze. Garnish with the mint sprig and set aside to rest while the julep cup freezes over on the outside. Pick up carefully to imbibe.

And here is more great inspiration for decorating with horse motifs.

Lauren Lowe

Lauren Lowe

And some horse decor I love. Click on the captions to link.

Hand Carved Horse

Bastille Horses

Majestic Art

Horse Garden Object

White Horse Framed Print

These wonderful silver horse cocktail picks are on sale plus an additional 20% off with code EXTRA20.

Silver Horse Cocktail Picks


  1. I love Tang horses - a shot of Chinoiserie along with the horse!

    1. Absolutely. Especially great for a man's space - they add a dose of masculinity.

  2. I have Furlow's Book - and LUV it :)

  3. The name itself--Furlow Gatewood--makes me smile. Right out of P.G Wodehouse.

  4. When I opened up your blog page today, it made me smile all over, Beth. I can't remember when, or how, I learned of Furlow, but immediately I knew this was a man after my own heart! I have many interior design and gardening books. There are certainly lots of lovely, wonderful ones out there, but his is one of my favorites. I'm definitely going to try your Mint Julep recipe while I watch the race. Thanks for the beautiful post, Beth, and have a happy Derby Day!

    1. Thank you - I hope you watched the race. I am still in shock.

  5. BTW, there is an article about one of Furlow's houses in the February 2021 issue of Veranda Magazine, and another in an issue of Flower Magazine. (I'm not sure which issue of Flower, but if you google him, it will come up.) I know this digresses from your post, Beth, but if you have not yet seen the May/June issue of Veranda, definitely check it out. The gardens that are featured are just over-the-top gorgeous, as is the rest of the issue. I think it's one of their best I've seen in a while, and their magazine is always a feast.

    1. Thank you. This is infuriating, but my Veranda subscription has been messed up since I moved in. I have gotten 2 issues in the past year. They keep extending my subscription, but that is not the point. Every other subscription is fine except for it.

  6. I love Furlow's book also and have spent a lot of time enjoying it!