Saturday, May 14, 2022

A Chinoiserie Summer Scent


One of my favorite scents and favorite hand soaps for years has been Seda France Japanese Quince. I find it to be the perfect unisex choice for next to any sink in your home.

Seda France Japanese Quince Hand Soap

Japanese Quince is the perfect example of the combination of tradition and modernity, which leads to the ultimate luxury. As its name suggests, the powerful scent exudes fresh fruity aromas, dominated by the captivating scent of the Japanese quince. The pleasant smell is further enhanced with touches of other refined scents. The piquant candle has a hint of rhubarb, a fine smelling plant that is known for its exceptional qualities used in cooking and in traditional Chinese medicine. Furthermore, the mixture  incorporates a slight dose of passion fruit which gives an additional exotic texture. The overall fruity fragrance is underlined with the touch of white fleshed peach. The mesmerizing mixture of intoxicating scents is rounded up with the addition of jasmine petals.

I first heard of Japanese Quince when it was featured on Oprah Winfrey and have used it ever since. It is perfect if you want a light and sophisticated scent that is not heavily floral. It is a perfect summer scent for your home.

The candles are wonderful too. Click on the captions to link.

Seda France Japanese Quince Pagoda Candle

Seda France Japanese Quince Three Wick Candle

Seda France Japanese Quince Ceramic Two Wick Candle


  1. My favorite candle!! 💖

  2. I literally just lit this candle yesterday. My daughter who is visiting couldn't get over how the scent is so gorgeous.

    1. It really is wonderful - very unique and sophisticated.