Monday, April 18, 2022

Knives for the Blue and White Kitchen

Margaret of York

I saw these knives on the Instagram account of an interior designer I follow and was intrigued to check them out. I could see that they are Cuisinart and I am really happy with my new Cuisinart MultiClad Pro Stainless 12 Piece Cookware Set that I just purchased. You can read about the cookware here.

I read several professional reviews of the Cuisinart knives and every review said they are the best knives on the market in this under $100 price range. They are fully forged, full tang, triple riveted handles, and high carbon stainless steel blades. All the reviews said these are the best value in knives period. And there are thousands and thousands of 5 star reviews by consumers.

Granted these are not for professional chefs. But for first time knife buyers, for a second home, for a wedding gift, for the more casual cook, for me, these are perfect. And I found this 15 piece set with knife block at a better price than any review - under $75 with free shipping. I really need a new knife set. I am ordering these right now. I love the look and the price. These would be beautiful in a white kitchen, a blue and white kitchen, a black and white kitchen, to name a few natural pairings. Click on the caption to link and there is also an additional 5% off coupon you can apply.

Cuisinart Classic Forged White Knife Set

Speaking of white, all of my new white ceiling fans are being installed this week. It's funny, but I was never a big white aficionado in NOVA. Now I have a house with a white exterior, white interior, I keep adding more and more white accessories, and I'm even debating a new white car. At the beach, but really anywhere, it just feels so classic, fresh, clean, light, and bright.

P.S. I just ordered the knives and they are being delivered today with free shipping - talk about instant gratification!


  1. Once you start using them, I hope you tell us how you like them. Also would love to see pics of the new fans. Thanks Beth.

  2. Love white! For me, it creates a sense of serenity.