Friday, March 18, 2022

Favorite Recipe and New Cookware

Scallops with Basil & Cream

I made my favorite scallop dish last night (actually one of my favorite recipes for entertaining it is so easy and so delicious) using my gorgeous new induction range and new cookware. This recipe serves four and takes 5 minutes of prep time and 10 minutes cooking.


6  tablespoons butter

12  sea scallops

 Salt and pepper

¼  cup chopped shallots

1  teaspoon slivered garlic

 Pinch crushed red chili flakes

½  cup dry white wine

¾  cup heavy cream

20  basil leaves, cut in thin ribbons


Put 4 tablespoons butter in skillet over medium-high heat. When foam subsides, add scallops; sprinkle with salt and pepper. Brown on both sides, adjusting heat so they brown nicely; they need not cook through. Remove them to a plate.

Turn off heat, cool pan a bit and wipe out. Add remaining butter over medium heat. When it melts, add shallots, garlic, chili flakes and a little more salt and pepper. Cook about 2 minutes, or until shallots soften.

Add wine, raise heat a bit, and let bubble away for a minute or so until reduced by about half; add cream and repeat. When liquid is thick, return scallops and juices to pan.

Cook for about a minute, stirring in half the basil, until scallops are just firm. Taste and adjust seasoning, transfer to small bowls or plates with a bit of sauce, garnish with remaining basil, and serve. 

(via NYT Cooking)

I serve this with rice to soak up the delicious basil cream. The number of scallops per person should be adjusted depending on the size of the scallops. 

I needed new everyday cookware for my induction range and was happy to replace my old hard adonized cookware set. It was in great condition and I brought it to Goodwill yesterday. 

Virtually every review I read on cookware that is induction compatible chose the Cuisinart Multiclad Pro Stainless 12 Piece Cookware Set as the best. This brushed stainless steel set is beautiful and performs great. With its aluminum core, it is induction compatible. It is dishwasher safe and comes with a lifetime warranty. I love the steamer insert that doubles as a colander.

Cuisinart Multiclad Pro Stainless 12 Piece Cookware Set

I was blown away to get a set of this quality and quantity for this price - $299.95 and get 20% off this price when you sign up for emails for a final price of $239.99. Shipping is free. This is a great price on this set. This cookware is of course for gas, electric, or induction ranges. It is on other websites like Macy's for $499.99.

I have started a very nice collection of Le Creuset cookware in blues, but the Cuisinart will be great for everyday use.

Let me know if you try the recipe. BTW, for those of you who have Winn Dixie, I have had great luck with their frozen large sea scallops - they are on sale this weekend Friday, Saturday, and Sunday March 18 to 20 - a 24 ounce bag of large sea scallops for $13.99 which is a serious steal. (This sale may vary depending on where you live - check your local flyer.) I always keep a bag in the freezer. With fresh basil from the garden, I can whip this wonderful recipe up anytime I like.


  1. I love your recipe, and I'll bet it would be delicious substituting chicken for the scallops, too. Very nice!

  2. I also made the decision to try this cookware when I switched to induction. That was in 2010 and It has performed wonderfully and still looks brand new. This recipe sounds amazing, I can't wait to try it.

    1. I'm glad to know you have been so happy with this cookware.

  3. Where in the world did you get this set of cookware for $239.99?!

    1. Yikes - every single post I add the link in the caption. Just click the caption.