Friday, April 15, 2022

Blue & White, Rattan & Chilling

Megan Winters Design

This blue and white Schumacher Modern Toile is gorgeous paired with natural elements like the wicker and seagrass lamp, bed, and screen. Perfect for an upscale beach house.

Speaking of which, an update on my Crate & Barrel White Glove Delivery (delivery, assembly, and removal of all packing materials) of my kitchen island yesterday. The delivery service showed up yesterday as scheduled and the head guy rang my door bell and told me that the company was short handed and none of his crew knew how to assemble anything. They dumped the two large boxes in my garage and drove off.

Please click here for a moment of chilling.

If there is one thing I have learned in Florida, it's to chill. Things happen on Florida time. You can fight it and stress out or just go with the flow. I called Crate and Barrel and they gave me a 100% credit on all delivery costs and promised to get assembly folks out here ASAP. The pups and I headed to the beach and had a wonderful afternoon. It will get done when it gets done.

If I remember my military history, when the British Empire had colonies all over the world, the British Army would only allow officers to be deployed to tropical climates for 2 years because the heat took away their edge.

I really love the unique rattan items in the room I have shared above. Here are some fun wicker pieces I have found. Click on the captions to link.

Amanda Lindroth Birkin Basket

Amanda Lindroth Salt and Pepper Wells

Edie Wicker Tote

Balboa Rattan Screen

Rattan Room Divider

Scarlett Rattan Room Divider

Liz Rattan Sconce

Liz Rattan Flush Mount

Wicker Double Wine Tote

Large Rattan Bowl

Snag one of these wonderful wicker vases that I have featured previously before they are gone forever.

Threshold Studio McGee Wicker Vase


  1. I also have experienced a less than adequate “white glove service.” Sometimes it’s an extra charge for literally nothing. Glad they are taking care of you though! Yay for the beach namaste!

    1. I had good experiences until Covid. Our unemployment rate here is non-existent with everyone short handed. Businesses are even closing because they can't find people.

  2. Good thinking. The beach is always a good idea.

  3. Kudos to you for taking the time/effort to get a CREDIT on the non-White glove services ;) Also- always remember every day that ends in "Y" is an opportunity to engage in HAPPY HOUR !

    1. Especially in Florida - it's always Happy Hour here!

  4. I remember when my in-laws moved from the Midwest to Florida decades ago. They quickly learned that many service people were "fixin' to do" things in an indeterminate time frame. They eventually got used to it. Can't wait to see your beautifully styled island!

    1. So true, definitely a different mindset down here. I have avoided it to a large degree by choosing Europeans for my service people = tons of Ukrainians here for example. But I obviously can't do that with deliveries.

  5. We just had a rather expensive two part lateral file cabinet delivered here about two weeks ago by Pottery Barn. It was ordered Dec 23 and the saleslady said it would be March before it came in. That was correct! We paid for white glove delivery. I must say we got lucky. Three energetic men...Jordanian by birth...brought the heavy pieces in and took them to my husband's new basement office. We felt sorry for them because they had to drive here from Columbus OH...a three hour drive and their truck broke down. They were put in a rental truck but still, they had to wait three hours for the original truck to be repaired before they could drive it back to Ohio. One of the men said he had worked for Pottery Barn for eight years. We were very satisfied.

    1. I have had great experiences with Pottery Barn and Williams Sonoma Home which is the same company. Glad you did too.