Friday, March 25, 2022

Flower Arranging Made Easy

Schumacher Florida

I saw this on Instagram and I think it's fabulous - just three flower stems and you have an instant flower arrangement. Talk about easy peasy and economical! A very elegant and sophisticated look for a mantel, table, or centerpiece.

These are some flowers that have long stems - roses, lilies, gladiolus, peonies, or hydrangeas, but there are many others. Fern and palm fronds would also work well.

Here are some sources for the vases. Click on the captions to link. 

Two's Company Set of Three Teardrop Vases

Pottery Barn Recycled Clear Vases

Finley Long Neck Vases - see below

Finley Long Neck Vase Ball Shaped

Finley Long Neck Vase Teardrop Shaped

Finley Long Neck Vase Bell Shaped


  1. I do this all the time with enormous Hosta leaves when they are in season (when the dastardly deer have not munched them down to a nubbins). My huge specimens are a perfect lime green, and they look fabulous in a slender vase. The veined and rippled texture of the leaves is incomparable. Cheers.

    1. Yes, hostas would be perfect. I do that with my massive split leaf philodendron as hostas don't like the heat here.

  2. They really do make a statement.

  3. What a grand idea! I especially love the little ribbons tied on!