Thursday, March 24, 2022

In the Pink (Wicker)


I have loved pink ever since I was a little girl. I danced ballet for a couple of decades starting at age five and the sight of pink still reminds me of the pink ballet tights, pink satin toe shoes, and frothy pink tutus that I loved.

Wicker is such a favorite of mine with its classic, organic, summery vibe. And when you combine pink and wicker, I am a complete sucker.

This pink rattan flatware is quite fabulous. This would look amazing with blue and white chinoiserie china and hot pink flowers in blue and white Chinese porcelain vases. Click on the captions to link.

Pink Rattan Flatware

Casa Clutch in Rose

Pink Wicker Clutch

Palm Beach Tote in Pink

Island Wrapped Hurricane in Pink

Island Wrapped Tumbler Set

Wicker Ginger Jar in Pale Pink

Pink Wicker Breakfast Tray

Liz Pink Rattan Ball Earrings

Bunny Ears Rattan Napkin Ring

Pink Wicker Planter Box


  1. Ooh, I just love that pink rattan flatware!

  2. I faithfully read and love your posts every single day but I could not be happier reading your post on 'Pink' my absolutely favorite color. To add to your list of wonderful pink items I am sharing a link to Garden Glory garden hose kit: Yes, I actually ordered this kit and hung it on the side of my house and it perfectly matches my window shutters painted in Benjamin Moore Ballet Slippers. Divine!

    1. That is so chic. And BM Ballet Slippers is a favorite of mine.