Sunday, January 30, 2022

Understated Elegance in Palm Beach with Wicker

Amanda Lindroth

This is the living room in Amanda Lindroth's Palm Beach apartment. I love the parquet floors. It's such a shame that they have gone out of style. I know many of you have a thing for rugs, but in Florida I love bare floors unless one is going with jute or seagrass. Bare floors are so much cooler in tropical climates. I also love the wall color that is quite similar to mine. A neutral backdrop like this can handle anything you want in terms of color and decor. The pair of canvas covered curved sofas are wonderful. I would not enjoy watering the ferns on the wall. I would switch those out for a pair of seashells or white porcelain birds or the like.

The space is accessorized with lots of plants and lots of wicker from her own line including her bar table, pineapple, pagodas, wall brackets, mirror, and hurricanes.

Wicker Pineapple

Baytree Bracket

Dunmore Round Mirror

Tall Pagoda

Lyford Bar Table

Cane Hurricanes

Here are some wicker favorites of mine that I have in my home or have used in clients' homes.

Pierce Wicker Side Table

Marasol Wicker Coffee Table

Wicker Sconce

Wicker Snail

Threshold Wicker Vase

Conical Wicker Shade

A funny Florida story - my gardeners were due yesterday to prune my enormous hedges. When they arrived around noon with the temperature in the fifties, they were too cold to work and rescheduled. 


  1. I have the Lyford bar table and really like it. Currently, it is serving as a bedside table in our guest room. I think it is a piece we will always enjoy and find useful.

    1. It is such a classic and I like that the bottom is a removable tray.

  2. I love your story about the cold gardeners!

  3. Thanks for your blog. If anyone finds a wicker elephant in natural wicker about the same size as the snail in the above post I am on the look out for one.thanks

    1. Just Google wicker elephant table and you will find many options.

    2. Make sure to check eBay. There are several vintage ones available now.

  4. What a beautiful room. I love the floors too, and floors this beautiful will never go out of style, in my opinion. Trends come and go, but style always remains. (Maybe the ferns are fake ferns, Beth.)

    1. Unfortunately, many people are ripping out these floors as "dated." I can't believe Amanda Lindroth would have fake ferns, but that may be it.

  5. Classic Florida! 😁 Pamela