Thursday, January 13, 2022

The Chinoiserie Foyer

Jonathan Adler - ELLE Decor


I have posted before on this fabulous foyer in Liz Lange's Palm Beach home with its Bob Collins wallpaper, faux palms from Canvas Nursery, and vintage shell encrusted table from 1stdibs. 

I love the styling of the table. Here are some ideas on creating it yourself.

The tall blue and white pagoda is fabulous. Note that although they call this one below a tulipiere, it does not have holes for flowers, so it's really a pagoda.

Blue Ming Tulipiere

This giant clam shell is a great value. I have one and love it.

Large Clam Shell

Fill it with fresh or faux lemons. It also is great on a kitchen island filled with real lemons or limes, but keep in mind they can only be left out for about a week. Here are some faux ones.

Faux Lemons

And some elegant blue and white chinoiserie planter options for beautiful tropical houseplants.

Blue and White Lotus Flower Planter

Blue and White Chain Planter

Blue and White Garden Scene Planter


  1. Fabulous! Currently binging the Just Enough Family podcast about her extended family. A must listen!

    1. I need to start listening to podcasts. There are so many it's overwhelming. Thanks for the recommendation.

  2. You have found sources for the planters that are much lower than I've seen elsewhere - thank you!

    1. Wonderful! I try to post the best prices out there. I appreciate your comment.