Thursday, November 4, 2021

A Chinoiserie Christmas

Matthew Monroe Bees - House Beautiful

I posted this last year but had to share it again it is so fabulous. In his Charleston home, this interior designer places his Christmas tree in a blue and white Chinese fishbowl. He says it leaves more room for presents and elevates the tree making it look more grand. 

There are little holiday touches in the room I also love - like the two statues adorned with wreaths and the little wrapped gift on the bench.

Matthew Monroe Bees

Here are some choices if you'd like to put your Christmas tree, whether fresh or artificial, in a blue and white Chinese fishbowl. The size you need will depend on the size of your tree, stand, etc. When I posted this last year, several people suggested using rocks or pebbles to secure the tree adding water if the tree is real. If you are using a tree stand that is too wide for the base of the fishbowl you have choices - buy a replacement stand with a smaller footprint or elevate the stand on bricks as most fishbowls grow wider as you go up. Elevating the tree makes it look taller as well.

Pheasant Fishbowl

Blue and White Floral Fishbowl

Blue and White Landscape Fishbowl

Jumbo Figurine Fishbowl

If you do this, please send pics.


  1. I'm definitely going to do this on one tree this year. Buying a bucket, then using quikrete and pvc pipe in middle to hold my artificial tree post. I promise - when finished - will send in a pic:) THX

  2. I love this look; maybe this will be the year 😊

  3. Hi Beth
    Just wondering if you ever got that tree from target you ordered?

  4. At lot going on here, but it's a beautiful room, and what a great idea to elevate the tree, leaving more room for gifts underneath. I adore that zebra rug he has on his floor, and the giant ceramic snail under the table - so fun - and the way in which he has his statues festively decorated. A wonderful room!