Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Chic Christmas Wreaths

Preserved Boxwood Monogram Wreath

In Florida and in the South in general, fresh wreaths dry out very quickly, but I am not a huge fan of artificial wreaths. I found an alternative that I really love. 

This is real preserved boxwood that is available in letters and numbers and symbols. I have double French front doors, so I think I may order "CC" for Chinoiserie Chic and also for Connolly. These wreaths are elegant and preppy and chic. They will last for years making them very economical.

It comes on a twine hanger. One could add a bow of course -  red or tartan would be so pretty.

These would also be great for indoors - some people spell out a word like "JOY" or "HOME" or "XO."

You can find them here.

Command hooks are great for hanging them. These are the small in clear for lightweight items. They are available in many sizes depending on the size and weight of your items. They can be used anywhere for the holidays and then removed damaged free.

Command Small Clear Strips