Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Chinoiserie Chic Christmas Gifts


Starting today I will be sharing with you some lovely Christmas gifts for the chinoiserie lover in your life. These first two are fantastic. In each of these stunning boxes is a 500 piece ginger jar jigsaw puzzle. As you can see, I bought them for myself. Jigsaw puzzles are having a big resurgence - and they don't involve technology or apps. Jigsaw puzzles are fun by yourself or with friends and family and are great for your brain - for memory, logic, visual reasoning, and spacial awareness. They exercise the left and right sides of your brain at the same time. These are so beautiful and so unique. BTW the assembled size is 15.75" by 25.5."


  1. Beth, thank you so much! Both of these are on their way to me now! I love working on a puzzle during the winter months when it is too cold to be outside and these are just so perfect!

    1. So glad you snatched them up - one has sold out and the other is about to.

  2. These are fantastic. I just ordered both. Thank you!

  3. Just bought both of these! I love them and can’t wait to give them as Christmas gifts.