Sunday, August 29, 2021

Changing Up the Chinese Lamp

Robert Kime and Piers von Westenholz


A patterned fabric lampshade is a wonderful way to change/refresh the look of your Chinese lamp. This is a very high end designer look that is really having a moment. Whether it's for a blue and white Chinese lamp or a solid color Chinese gourd lamp, it will really add a wow factor to a room. You will be surprised the impact it can have. Red looks wonderful with a blue and white lamp as shown here.

Unfortunately, most of the beautiful patterned lampshades out there are either too small for larger lamps, are very expensive as in many hundreds of dollars, or are made in England and have different fittings which is a hassle.

Here is some gorgeous inspiration followed by my solution.

Robert Kime

Pattern Spy

Robert Kime

The great news is that I have found some beautiful and affordable choices that I would love to share with you. These Limited Edition Anais Floral Print Lamp Shades available in Indigo or Persimmon at Ballard Designs are wonderful. Please note they are available in 14" or 16" or 18." You can click on the captions to link for full details and to order.

Use your existing lampshade as a size guide. If in doubt, size up, not down, and be sure the lampshade covers the lamp's fittings (hardware). That is one of my pet peeves. I have spies - I will know.

Anais Floral Print Lamp Shade Limited Edition

Anais Floral Print Lamp Shade Limited Edition

These are also lovely.

Limited Edition Samba Pleated Lamp Shade

This one is available in Paprika, Slate, Sage, or Taupe.

Isla Block Print Box Pleat Lamp Shade

Ballard Designs also has a great selection of lamp finials like these pagodas.

Pagoda Finials

Do you remember the blue and white chinoiserie Farm Rio dress I posted on recently? Well, Bunny Williams wore it last night for Furlow Gatewood's 100th birthday party.

Instagram/Bunny's Eye

Bunny in Farm Rio

Farm Rio Ancient Garden Dress

Chinoiserie Dress

Unfortunately, it is sold out except for size XS on their website, but there is a waitlist. I am so glad I ordered mine before I posted on it - LOL. I wonder if Bunny saw my post.


  1. The designer shades at the top of your posting remind me of Pierre Deux.

  2. Forget the designer shades and the Farm Rio dress.
    What about Bunny’s shoes? Yes, please!
    I do love the shades and dress too!
    The dress looks amazing on Bunny.
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. I agree, great espadrilles. Perfect with that dress.

  3. Recently I was looking at printed shades on two custom lamp shop websites -$400 and up! These are really good alternatives.

  4. I bet Bunny Williams did see the dress on Chinoiserie Chic. I doubt many 77 year olds (Bunny's age) are even aware of Farm Rio, a boutique brand popular with a much younger set. Very cool!

  5. Thank you for this post. I have been wanting a pair of printed fabric shades. I'll be taking my lamp to the Ballard's store in Dallas next week to make sure I get the right size!

  6. I very much like patterned and fabric lampshades. Some of these are a bit too busy for me, but I do like the ones from Ballard. I was not aware that English lampshades have different fittings.

    1. I agree, but these are quite understated and elegant.

  7. Nordstrom carries this Farm Rio dress