Saturday, July 31, 2021

A Chinoiserie Vignette

via Chinoiserie Chic

This is such a pretty vignette - a gorgeous pair of shell mirrors, blue and white Chinese porcelain, a blush pink velvet tufted sofa, orchids, and the centerpiece - a giant faux clamshell filled with tropical fruit. BTW, lemons, limes, and oranges can be kept at room temperature for about a week, but pineapples just 2 or 3 days.

I have a giant shell like this and love it. Use it in a bathroom for hand towels or guest soaps, put sand in the base and fill with pillar candles - battery or real, fill with smaller seashells, or a pair of orchids, and, of course, with fruit like above and below. It's beautiful left empty as well.

Jonathan Adler - Elle Decor

Ballard Designs

Savage Interior Design

This is the one I have and it's a great deal. You will see similar ones on other sites for many times the price. It's large and impressive and looks way more expensive. Click on the link for details or to order.

 Large Clamshell

****Cute idea alert I just thought of - fill one or more with ice and splits of Champagne for a cocktail party, a beach wedding, a pool party, a bridal or baby shower, a gender reveal party....


  1. I bought this clamshell when you first posted it, a year or two ago. It sits on a tiki bar in my Florida kitchen, usually filled with fruit and I looove it! Another FL thing I do is to plant the pineapple tops. They love the FL weather and grow into nice spikey plants that are free with every pineapple I buy! Even had a few pineapples—pretty, but delicious, not so much. Now I'm homesick for my beach house.

  2. Thanks for these great ideas and for the link. I have seen these priced at up to $200. I love your party ideas with the splits of Champagne.

  3. The chinoiserie vignette is fabulous. I especially love those shell mirrors. Can you tell me where they came from? The grey/white marble tiled bathroom with the giant clam shell is stunning. I would kill for that bathroom. So many great ideas for incorporating a clam shell into your decor.

    1. I don't now the source for those shell mirrors but plan a post on the subject.

  4. Love, love, love these beautiful vignettes! I love the shell mirrors and the bathroom, which is a luxurious spa.

  5. Oooohhh, I bet this one is so much lighter than the real deal I have. I have filled mine with chilled shrimp for parties.