Friday, May 28, 2021

The Blue and White Chinoiserie Bathroom

Folding Chair Design


I love a blue and white bathroom and even better when it has a blue and white Chinese garden stool. The wallpaper is Schumacher's Square Dance along with classic white subway tile. The brass accents too are such a classic.

And a blue and white chinoiserie vignette in my bathroom.



  1. I love brass fixtures. Beth, please tell me what that huge lipstick is on the tray in your bathroom.

    1. It's Kosta Boda. Available in different colors and as a nail polish.

  2. Funny how things come back. We used to have brass fixtures 30 years ago, then it became passé and our tastes evolved to polished nickel which I still love. BUT, there are examples of brass (especially paired with navy) that I adore.

  3. I love all that white with blue accents; it’s such a classic look.