Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Lobsters and Palm Trees

Mignonne Gavigan Lobster Pinch Earrings

 Have you ever had someone in your life who was your bad luck charm? That was Sandbagger - anything that could go wrong when I was with him, went wrong in spades. Now my life has returned to good karma and I am so grateful. 

I passed on these earrings at Anthropologie a couple of years ago and they have haunted me. A brand new pair popped up on Poshmark on Sunday and I grabbed them. I love statement earrings and these are certainly that! Perfect for my tropical lifestyle.

Then yesterday I popped into HomeGoods and they were mad restocked after clearing out the Christmas decor and I could have bought out the store. I bought this gold palm tree - not sure where it will go yet, but I love it. BTW, the empty fish bowl below is awaiting a live palm tree.

I have never bought a lottery ticket in my life, but feel like I may start. (Probably from binge watching HGTV's Lottery Dream Home). LOL

New HG Palm Tree @ CCC


  1. Glad the new year is treating you well.

  2. I love how no matter where you look there is always something beautiful to gaze at in your home - no ugly anywhere!
    If you continue to have this good luck you are going to have to start rotating your beauties so they all get a chance to shine!

  3. Great finds.
    I can relate to the feeling of letting something go only to continue obsessing about it and being thrilled at stumbling over it and actually getting it. OR, finding stuff you like (your palm tree) that you weren't particularly looking for but know you want it when you see it. A blessing and a curse, depending on how one views acquiring things. But a thrill nonetheless.

    Now I was just browsing online minding my own "bidness" when I come across something I actually need and love AND it's cheap. Now I wish I could buy 4, store 3 for later (because there is always later use) and sleep easier knowing I won't have to be at the mercy of never finding it again...for that price: https://www.homedepot.com/p/MGP-Natural-Bamboo-Standard-Lattice-Back-Bench-BCB-60/302838626?source=shoppingads&locale=en-US

  4. Hi Beth, love your newest additions! On a different topic, a couple of times you have mentioned having the fabric on your bar stools coated/treated for protection. If you have any suggestions on where we could go for having something like this done, I am certainly interested.