Monday, January 4, 2021

Projects 2021


You may recall my saying last week that I was looking forward to taking a little break from projects now that my house and garden are done. Well, that lasted 24 hours - LOL. I actually love projects. So here are my next three -

1. Reorganize the garage 

2. New flooring for the lanai

3. Get the Covid vaccine

 Any "To Do" projects on your list for 2021?


  1. About a million! That is a beautiful vignette with the blue and white chinoiserie pencils, and the brass and chinoiserie - what is that - a postage stamp holder? Do you happen to know where they came from?

  2. Replies
    1. Alligator decor is of course hot in Florida and all over HomeGoods.

  3. So cute! You inspired me to bring out my iomoi pencils. Then I went searching for them online and it appears they are no more. Makes me so sad. Haven't identified any new projects yet but I know there will be some!

    1. They are Parker Thatch now but completely different - handbags and such.

    2. THAT is disappointing......but thank you for updating me!

  4. Moved into a house in 2017 with 2 suitcases and one beige sofa; decorated it quickly with too much neutral gray and white. This year, it color, color, color. Just ordered orange satin drapes and I'm on a roll!