Sunday, December 13, 2020

It's a Wrap

Mark Sikes

Beautifully wrapped Christmas gifts in red, white and blue checks and polka dots. I ordered some wonderful gift wrap from Caspari and started wrapping Christmas gifts myself. I even watched a couple of You Tube videos on wrapping perfect gifts and learned a lot. One of the tips I tried is using double sided tape so no tape is visible. Another is creasing all of your edges so everything looks very crisp and finished. 

I also love the coral in the fireplace. So beautiful. 

People were asking about shadows from my new palm chandelier at night. Here it is. 




  1. I too started wrapping. My look is Christmas plaid and red and white polka dots.Yards and yards of Christmas green ribbon. I am a Santa girl,so gift tags are Santa with a glitter beard. Fa,la,la. Love the chandeleir reflections. And great matchy match packages.

    1. I love beautifully wrapped gifts. It makes them more special.

  2. Wonderful wrap. I have two matching chairs that were painted with a chinoiserie motif, by a woman named Stacy Caspari. I'm not sure if she is a member of that Caspari family or not, but she did work for Ralph Lauren at one time.

    There used to be a beautiful blog published called, "A Gift Wrapped Life". Sadly, the lady who wrote the blog passed away several years ago. She had amazing gift wrap ideas, and posted about them. It may still be able to view the blog, I'm not sure.

    I just adore your chandelier. It's fabulous.

  3. I love wrapping Christmas gifts. I'm one of those women who never grew up, so I tend to like nostalgic papers printed with fun Christmas motifs--the more vintage looking the better. I buy very large spools of ribbon and make a tied bow for each gift--either red, white or green. Love your packages for this year!

  4. Love the palm frond shadow on the ceiling!! Thank you for showing it!!

  5. I have been watching Asian gift-wrapping videos for months now as a salve against the brutality of Covid and the election. It’s so soothing to hear the rustle of paper and so satisfying when the boxes are perfectly wrapped and adorned—like ASMR therapy! When I was in Kyoto last year, I bought ALL the washi paper there and now have a precious stash of gorgeous handmade designs, which I meter out only for special gifts and origami.

  6. The Paper Source has beautiful Asian papers.