Monday, October 12, 2020

Chinoiserie in the Bathroom

Alex Reid - Architectural Digest

We have of course seen lots of blue and white Chinese garden stools in the bathroom to hold towels, but I got a kick out of the creativity here. In his Greenwich Village townhouse, interior designer Alex Reid wallpapered his bathroom in art, many of it flea market finds or art he created himself. A blue and white ginger jar sits on the window sill. It looks to me like he made a top for a blue and white fish bowl to hold his collection of colognes and toiletries. Very clever.

I am SO happy. I am finally down to the short strokes on projects at CCC, and I am spending this entire week doing anything and everything I like. Pure bliss.

BTW, Amazon Prime Days starts midnight tonight Pacific time, or 3 AM here. I am hoping a Samsung frame TV is offered like last year. Finger crossed.


  1. I like Reid’s seated man placed directly above the, um, seat. Witty. When I studied in London, a poster hung over our loo too; it was John of Gaunt’s deathbed speech from Richard II: “This royal throne of kings...”. Best wishes.

  2. Don't know if you're a Costco member, but they have the Samsung Frame TV at a discount right now.

    1. Thanks - Costco, Amazon, Best Buy, and Samsung all have the same price on it right now.

  3. What a pretty bathroom. That large ginger jar on the windowsill is just gorgeous. How I would love to have that!