Friday, April 17, 2020

Tropical Pineapples

Lyford Cay

I have an absolute thing for pineapples - I have lots in my home. Pineapples can go two ways - that whole Colonial Williamsburg look or a Hollywood Regency, Palm Beach, Chinoiserie Chic vibe, the latter being what I like.

Here is what I'm talking about below, also at Lyford Cay.

Main Club at Lyford Cay - Tom Sheerer

Here is some inspiration for adding pineapples the way I like them to your home. Here's a great party idea - paint pineapples in fun colors  -

Marry Me Tampa  Bay

Add some pineapples to your wardrobe -

Atlantic - Pacific

Kate Spade

A pineapple pool float would be cool -

Sun Freaks

A pineapple lamp - also check out yesterday's post - 

Maison Jansen Pineapple Lamp- 1stdibs

A very elegant pineapple -

Amanda Lindroth

Do you use pineapple decor in your home? Here are some pineapples in my home -

Copper pineapples on one of my bars

A spot in my laundry room

Pineapple laundry hamper in my lanai bath for towels from the pool

Pineapples in my old laundry room


  1. Wow, Beth, your current home is spectacular! Every vignette is perfection. I hope it gets a magazine spread when it's finished!

    1. You are so sweet. I would love that when things return to "normal."

  2. My late mother has some porcelain pineapples which I love. Aren't pineapples a symbol of hospitality?

    1. Yes, and they were symbols of luxury in Europe.