Saturday, April 18, 2020

The Chinoiserie Kitchen

Amanda Lindroth

I fell in love with this kitchen when I first saw it with its mahogany countertops, palm fronds, Cole & Son Palm Jungle wallpaper, and that pair of black wicker elephants. I have looked high and low for the elephants - I want them for my kitchen. I have one of these vintage wicker elephant tables, but I am looking for a smaller version that would work on my kitchen counters.

BTW, the palm fronds are from a Chinese Fan Palm. Every street where I live is named after a palm tree - I live on Areca.

Cole & Son Palm Jungle

Check out this black vintage wicker elephant bar I discovered while looking around online - I love this! Unfortunately, I already have three bars in my home which is quite enough.

1st dibs

If anybody has ideas on finding a smaller version like the first photo please let me know - the color doesn't matter, as it can easily be painted black.


  1. Quick, go

    1. Thanks, I did see those but not happy with the price and shipping. I can do better. I find in general the prices on Chairish to be extremely high.

    2. I just measured and these are the standard size - perhaps I'm wrong, but the Amanda Lindroth ones look somewhat smaller.

  2. Love that kitchen! I don't know where to get a smaller elephant bar. But for wallpaper in that vein, have you ever checked out Jill Sorensen's website? If not, I think you would like a lot of her stuff, Beth. She has a fun approach to directing, as you do. She has a great wallpaper called Canary Yellow Bamboo Grasscloth wallpaper that I am thinking of getting because I love the yellow color! Her website is