Friday, April 10, 2020

Lilly Pulitzer & Blue and White

Lilly Pulitzer on her boat 1964

I happened upon this wonderful photo of Lilly Pulitzer on her boat from 1964 here in Florida. When will we be back to those days of relaxing in the sun and the ocean without a care in the world? But check out this boat - Wow. I was researching about the boat, the fabric, etc. and this is what I found from Conde Nast Traveller -

"Pulitzer on her (print-covered) boat. One potential reason for the pose she's striking here? Pulitzer often preferred to go commando (without underwear). It's the reason she insisted that all of her dresses be lined!"

That is a hoot. Who knew? I love that marvelous curved sofa with fringe and a zillion cushions. Not as practical as our Sunbrella today, but so glamorous. How about using Schumacher Chiang Mai Dragon?

Schumacher Chiang Mai Dragon

And I'm going to wear one of these MDS Stripes outfits on board.

What a fun fantasy project - decorating a fabulous boat!


  1. Sharon Stone should have taken a page out of Lilly's decorum book.

  2. I love seeing LIlly in blue and white! Thanks for posting.