Saturday, April 11, 2020

Chess & Chinese Chippendale


I did a post the other day about the resurgence in popularity of board games with people sheltering at home. I happened upon this photo above. Isn't this chic? The green chess set matches the Chinese Chippendale chairs.

Here are some more pairings I have created.
On eBay 

A vintage Lyford Cay Club Needlepoint Backgammon Board on eBay would be great paired with yellow Chinese Chippendale chairs.

Jonathan Adler

House Beautiful

This pink backgammon set above paired with pink Chinese Chippendale chairs.


Whaat about some neon orange?

Sunnnylife Neon Orange Backgammon 

Bright Orange Chinese Chippendale Chairs


I just ordered this backgammon set that I think will look great in my breakfast room.

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend,


  1. Wow!Great post. The racing horse needlepoint game mat is off the chain!

    1. Thanks - I have found several of the needlepoint game table covers like this but not in the green and pink - still searching!

  2. Very inventive and great pairings! Those would all look terrific. I like the set you are buying the best (those colors are so fabulous!) but personally I don't think it would be best displayed on a round table...I think it calls for a rectangular table....others may disagree.

    1. Thanks. I agree, I just think we would play more in the breakfast room overlooking the pool and lake as opposed to the formal dining room.