Friday, March 27, 2020

The Blue and White Laundry Room

Dina Bandman - San Francisco Decorator Showcase

Such a wonderful room - this laundry room has de Gournay wallpaper (in a decorator show house where it is being donated). Love the dog wash station. My two puppies are so tiny that it is more convenient for me to use the laundry sink. BTW, there is nothing keeping me more grounded right now that my two puppy angels Harper and Margot. They are so happy, hanging out with me 24/7 and just enjoying life.

You might have seen this shot above before, but here are more photos to really see all the detailing in this fabulous room with custom cabinetry, navy subway tiles, and so much more.

I think this has motivated me to do some more styling in my own laundry room today.

My pups practicing social distancing.


  1. I gotta say: That laundry room is nothing short of GLORIOUS! I daresay I might even ENJOY doing laundry if I had a room that wonderful to do it in.

  2. Beautiful laundry room, but I'm partial to Harper and Margot.