Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Alligators in Florida

Jonathan Adler Limited Edition Needlepoint Pillow

Here in Florida, the alligator saw his shadow on Groundhog Day and we get 12 more months of sunshine! I just found this Limited Edition Jonathan Adler needlepoint pillow on eBay and bought it. Super cute. As I write this, three alligators are sunning themselves in my backyard including two babies. One of my favorite things about Florida is all the animals - in my yard I see sandhilll cranes, deer, armadillos, alligators, roseate spoonbills, mallards, egrets, and pelicans. Every evening at sunset like clockwork about 50 great egrets roost in one of our trees. Quite a sight.

I did get this guy at Z Gallerie years back and it is perfect in the Florida house.

Now available at CB2

I have been hunting for this discontinued Jonathan Adler Limited Edition Greek key brass alligator for years. A Chinoiserie alligator!

Jonathan Adler Limited Edition Greek Key Brass Alligator


  1. Just watch out for those alligators if you have a pet or grandbabies. We've had our share of alligator stories, they are so loud during mating season you can't hear the tv with the windows open! If they grow too large and you want them gone call animal control. Pamela

  2. HA! Beth, you are so funny! Frankly, alligators scare me to death, so it's a good thing I live in California. Here we mostly see deer, squirrels, many birds, raccoons, coyotes, foxes, and the occasional mountain lion - although they are very private and don't show their faces often.

    You actually see armadillos? I never knew armadillos lived in Florida. I love the Greek key brass alligator.