Sunday, January 26, 2020

The Fiddle Leaf Fig in Florida


 "The fiddle leaf fig in Florida" - say that 5 times really fast! I have been wanting one of these chic plants for ages but heard they are notoriously finicky. Well, everything in my lanai grows like crazy and huge fiddle leaf figs are available here at Lowe's, so I am ready to pull the trigger. Here is an example of one in a lanai.

Fiddle leaf fig in lanai

I would love to find another Chinese fish bowl to pot it in and top it with moss like this palm below. My two Chinese fish bowls are currently in the lanai with Areca palms in them.

Ralph Lauren

Chinese fish bowl

Have any of you grown a fiddle leaf fig outdoors? So far in my lanai I am growing palms, bouganvellia, an herb garden, a collection of agave, and orchids. And I received my giant clam shell yesterday - I love it!

My bouganvellia


  1. I have a source for the giant fishbowl planters!

  2. Gosh, Beth, that is starting to look like Paradise! Just gorgeous. I never even heard of lanais until you started writing about yours! And I also would love a source for fishbowls if Mary Grace wants to share. Those flowers are beautiful...I hope you put lots of colored flowers in the lanai...nothing is more joyful! Can you put pink with that red?