Saturday, January 25, 2020

She Wore Blue Velvet

Williams - Sonoma Home

One purchase I made for the Florida house was a new sofa for the living room, having repurposed my off-white couch to the master bedroom. This was really necessary, as my couch below is REALLY BIG, and would have taken over the living room and blocked the beautiful water views. I have really wanted a navy blue velvet ever since my daughter and her boyfriend bought a mid century modern one from West Elm a couple of years ago. I love the way the navy velvet looks with blue and white Chinese porcelain.

Now in the master bedroom

I found this Harlow Sofa at Pottery Barn on a fabulous sale and ordered it. I received it a couple of weeks ago. The size is perfect for the room. The Performance Velvet should make it quite durable.

Pottery Barn Harlow

And Here It Is!


  1. Great pick! Stunning... It settles the room.

  2. Beautiful blue velvet sofa! What size is it? Your new home is gorgeous!

  3. Love the way the colors in those pillows and the coffee table books and figurine harmonize with each other, and I love your new blue velvet sofa! You are such a wizard at finding the most terrific things on sale!!

  4. Oh my! That sofa is just IT!!! And it is so nice to see how you have used some of your many treasured and much loved accessories in the new place. I have always really liked the way you style your home.